High and low – a hands-on film

Animated music video, 2D-digital cut-out animation and live-action film, 3 min 50 sec, D 2016

Music video for Rodscha and Tom

The childrens’ music duo is well known for their interactive songs. We brought the idea of interactivity from the stage into their new video clip.

A hands-on film

Children painted 32 background images for this animated film on special sheets of paper – we had a few outlines already drawn for them. Just as you know it from your regular colouring book. The artwork was then scanned and combined with the pre-made animations in the computer.

Unlimited versions

This painting event can be repeated again and again with any group of kids. Which means that there will be lots of different versions of this film.
It is suitable for creative work with children in workshops, film Festivals, birthday parties etc.
Rodscha und Tom:

This is my second music video for Rodscha and Tom after Ape in Africa.


Rodscha and Tom Palme are on their way to a concert. Over high mountains, through deep valleys, dark tunnels and bright sunshine – no obstacle nor antipode can stop them…


  • Idea: Alice von Gwinner, Uli Seis
  • Director: Uli Seis
  • Production: Ulrich Seis Mediengestaltung for Rodscha aus Kambodscha und Tom Palme
  • DOP/Camera: Rita Maria Hausberger, Benedikt Schulte
  • Rigging: AndrĂ© Schneider
  • Actors:
    • Rodscha aus Kambodscha as Rodscha aus Kambodscha
    • Tom Palme as Tom Palme
  • Script, Design, Animation, Storyboard, Animatic, Compositing: Uli Seis
  • Crowdfunding-Campaign: Alice von Gwinner

Making of


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