Ape in Africa

Animated music video, 2D digital animation, 5 min, D 2013


Rodscha aus Kambodscha and Tom Palme meet their friend – the funny monkey in Africa. A music video for a kids music group.

Multi-media concept

The objective for “Ape in Africa” was to create a colourful fantastic world full of cute and funny animal characters. This world could be expanded to create content for multiple media as well as a range of products for fans. A website, CD-cover-designs, flyers, posters, t-shirts, cuddly toys and even a bouncing castle were designed after the video clip. This could be done fast, cost efficient and visually consistent because the subsequent usability of all graphics had been considered during the whole process. All choices concerning the animation technique and the design had been made accordingly.
Find out more about music, products and concerts from “Rodscha und Tom” on www.mitmachkinderlieder.de


  • Director: Uli Seis
  • Production: Ulrich Seis Mediengestaltung
  • Director of photography: Rita Maria Hausberger
  • Cast:
    • Rodscha aus Kambodscha as Rodscha aus Kambodscha
    • Tom Palme as Tom Palme
  • Design: Uli Seis
  • Animation: Uli Seis
  • Storyboard: Uli Seis
  • Backgrounds: Uli Seis, Alice von Gwinner
  • Make-up: Angelina Munoz Martin

2 thoughts on “Ape in Africa

  1. Lieber Uli Seis,
    ich habe versucht das Album mit der Star single Affe in Afrika von Rodscha aus Kambodscha und Tom Palme zu bestellen.
    Leider waren alle vergriffen. Gibt es auch einen anderen Weg das Album abseits der offiziellen Webseite zu erwerben?
    MfG Till Breonning

    Ps. Mein Sohn Bernd Broenning liebt die Musik der beiden.

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