Beloved Sun (german: Liebe Sonne)

Animated short, 3D computer animation, 4 min 46 sec, D 2010

Script, design, animation, directors: Franka Sachse, Uli Seis


A firefly falls in love with the most shiny thing he knows, the sun.
Fireflies are so romantic, aren’t they? And if it is the last thing they do…

Festivals, screenings, awards

  • 8. Int. Ulrich-Schiegg-Filmpreis 2010, D (Ulrich-Schiegg-film price in silver category animation)
  • Animabasauri International Animated Film Festival 2011 (Karratu Short Film Selection)
  • Filmthuer Landesfilmfestival Thüringen Jena 2011 (thirt prize)
  • Bundesfilmfestival FantEx Waiblingen 2011 (silver medal)
  • Neiße Film Festival 2011
  • backup festival Weimar, bauhaus.films, 2011
  • Int. Low & No Budget Videofilmfestival Stuttgart 2011
  • 17. San Gió Video Festival Verona
  • 27. Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Animazione e del Fumetto, Cartoon Club, Rimini
  • MS Beat Festival Chemnitz 2011
  • 1. Kieler Fördedampfer Filmfestival
  • 5. Kurzfimfestival Oberschöneweide, Berlin
  • Festival des gescheiterten Films
  • International Uranium Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro
  • Film Leben Festival Ilmenau 2012
  • OderKurz-Filmspektakel 2012, night programme
  • broadcasted on TV Brasil in the programme Animania
  • Flimmergarten, Leipzig – Ein Filmfestival zur Nachhaltigkeit
  • 48, 40 Frames – Kurzfilme an der Vöckla, Vöcklabruck, Österreich
  • Animahenasyon – Philippine Animation Festival (Bauhaus film programme)
  • Bauhaus film programme in the exhibition Jeune Création, Galerie Jeune Création, Paris

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