Crowdfunding My Home

There is an animated short film to be made!

About a young Israeli woman who emigrates to Germany.

I am working on this project with Daniella Koffler from Tel Aviv.
We have already been to Israel and Germany together to research. Now the next step is to be made: We want to produce the first scenes!

To make this possible we are running a crowd funding campaign on:

We are competing in a contest with two other projects and the overall number of supporters decides about the winner of additional 1500 €.
So every single Euro can make a difference! As usual with crowd funding you will get a reward for your support. We have signed illustration prints, DVDs and even animation/illustration workshops. So…

…choose your reward and support us now on

Thanks and spread the word!

One thought on “Crowdfunding My Home

  1. Mit der richtigen Idee kann man über Crowdfunding doch einiges erreichen und wie man hier sehen kann, war das Projekt tatsächlich erfolgreich.

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